You have a luxury travel brand to run and want to stay connected with the latest in what inspires the travel-savvy client today.

That’s where we come in.

We are a group of girls who have been in the luxury lifestyle & travel space for well over a decade. We are trendsetters in travel who have elevated our clients sales & marketing strategies both on the ground & online. We’ve won awards for website design, top supplier sales representative & winner as rising star in hotels & resorts. 

One Sip at a Time

Trending in Travel...

we work with luxury hospitality products and lifestyle brands

Here's What We Can Do For You:

01. Securing appropriately aligned digital brand partnerships and create a rich tapestry of stories emanating from the client’s messaging. 

Travel Tea was conceptualized as a way to connect clients with potential customers in an informal but informative way. The old saying of “spill the tea” is the foundation of the company name and services. We want to spill the travel tea on the top trends in both travel and lifestyle.

02. Innovative Organic Social Media Marketing: Develop an industry-leading strategy that engages and empowers existing guests and drives repeat and new business. We will design strategies to build word of mouth within key social circles in target markets, encouraging existing guests to advocate and promote clients to their friends, colleagues, etc. 

03. Celebrity and Influencer Marketing: We have seats at the top table with Celebrities and Travel/Lifestyle Influencers. We want to curate moments that attract global social media and press attention. 

 looking to elevate their digital marketing content and social media platforms


⟶ social management

We are not a one-size-fits all representative firm, we design each proposal & strategy to reflect our clients interests & maintain brand integrity. We build loyalty for our clients by creating double-tap worthy content & morph your followers into your mini-marketing army. 

What we do

⟶ content creation

Meet Our Team

Kristen Moore

Owner and ceo

Kristen has served as CEO for Destinations of Distinction, Travel Tea's sister brand, since 2013 & decided to offer clients a complete virtual marketing arm that complimented her traditional award winning sales & marketing services. Travel Tea came from a late night idea that blossomed into both digital marketing & a travel podcast.

Interested in learning more about our sister brand, Destinations of Distinction, which offers full sales and marketing hospitality representation? Grab your passport and click here

Helping Lifestyle Hospitality and Destination Travel Brands create content and grow their social channels.