Vaccine Tourism & COVID Test Administration: Episode 6

Today we are sipping on some steaming tea as we talk about Vaccine Tourism. What is it & how is it affecting those who are eligible to receive the vaccine?

Vaccine tourism means visiting another country or state to get a vaccine not available to you at home. Right now, vaccine tourism is all about the COVID-19 vaccine, which has had a slow rollout in many states and isn’t yet available worldwide. In the US and other countries that have the vaccine, some populations are getting priority, such as the elderly and health care workers. But some people who don’t fall into these groups have reportedly been jumping the line and traveling elsewhere for their shots.

So far, there are no official arrangements in place with foreign authorities to ensure these “vaccine tourists” get the experience they’re promised, shot in the arm and all. Of equal concern are the ethics of people with money or connections visiting another state or country to get a COVID vaccine, while others wait for their turn per guidelines set up by their country or state.

Some countries are now actively preventing vaccine tourism. In the UK, for example, you can only get the vaccine when you’re offered it through your doctor, and you need to confirm your personal details, including address, at your appointment for the shot. And it’s a free vaccination for everyone through the country’s National Health Service (NHS), so you can’t pay to get it privately (and jump the line, effectively).

We also dive head first into the kettle & talk about China’s new suggested way to accurately test someone for COVID. OR should we say, the new area of the body to test someone. YIKES. You don’t want to miss this discussion. Grab your cup & download the details.



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