CDC new rules for international travel – Episode 4

This past week the CDC announced new rules for anyone traveling back to the USA from an international destination.

The new mandate goes into effect on Jan. 26. A majority of the responsibility falls on individual airlines to screen travelers for compliance. Private and charter flight travelers must also comply with the same requirements as commercial passengers.

Passengers who cannot get test results in time, or who test positive for the coronavirus, will be denied boarding on international flights to the U.S. However, the CDC will consider temporary waivers for travelers entering from countries with few or no testing facilities, according to Reuters.

So where does this leave travelers who have international trips coming up within the next couple of months? Welcome your valued travel advisors to the front of the room…

We talk about this time & time again but it’s worth having it replayed on an infinite loop; your travel advisor is invaluable especially during times where the rules keep changing, guidelines are different in each region of the world & your travel plans could change overnight.

For travelers who prefer to take a DIY-approach, ample research is imperative before leaving the country or booking travel to ensure they’ll have access to a testing site near their airport of departure.

It goes without saying but, think about if you are ok getting sick and having to deal with the medical care offered in whatever destination you are at. Will hotels & resorts even let you stay on property if you test positive and can’t go home? Very important stuff…

Tune into our latest Podcast where we talk about how the CDC guidelines will affect travel & how you can easily set yourself up for success if you plan ahead.

Oh & it wouldn’t be a true Travel Tea episode if we didn’t spill it…we also talk about the lengths some tourists have gone to order to break the quarantine rules. Tune in below!


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