COVID Testing is the new room service – Podcast Episode 3

Have you heard our newest podcast episode on Travel Reimagined? We take a deep dive into the hotel amenities of the future & how travel will look to consumers post-COVID.

Now that the CDC has rolled out it’s newest rule, if you’re planning an international trip you must show a negative coronavirus test to board your flight home, travelers are left wondering how easy or hard this will be for them as they add this step into their travel plans.

Fortunately there are 2 brighter spots with this, #1: the test can either be a PCR or rapid test. This cuts down on the potential “Wait Time” exponentially. #2: Many resorts are now offering in room rapid COVID testing or setting up on-site testing facilities.

This past week we spoke about how the travel process has changed from the way we book, air travel & what the hotel in-room experience looks like thanks to the pandemic. Don’t worry it’s not all bad! A lot of what has been implemented should have been for some time.

Have you tuned into our latest episode yet? If not check it out below & let us know your thoughts!


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