Travel Shaming – Podcast episode 2

We’ve all been there a some point or another. Scrolling through the depths of ‘Twitterverse’ to read what topic people were complaining about; because let’s face it…Twitter is not a place to go to for a spiritual uplifting.

Recently I found myself on Twitter, updating our own content, when I came across a strongly worded tweet that was basically cyber-screaming at those who have chosen to travel during the pandemic.

There was a simple hashtag that accompanied the post: #travelshaming. Hmm, I thought. This could possibly be in reference to lots of college kids traveling the the FL beaches for spring break, but no. This was specifically in reference to families or individuals who were traveling at ANY time, for ANY reason, during the pandemic. I clicked the hashtag & went spiraling.

So, it turns out this was way bigger than I had anticipated. Full feeds of individuals who suggested that people who are traveling are “murdering” others who they come in contact with….harsh? Sure. But let’s not forget it’s Twitter after all. Twitter is, as I so affectionately call it, the cesspool of society.

It can chew you up & spit you out if you glance in the wrong direction. It can turn you into a like & retweet obsessor who desperately hopes for a retweet on a trending topic.

It got me thinking about what this does to people, mentally, who might be traveling because they live away from “home.” Some might live alone & are trying to navigate the current global situation by themselves. They have time off from work & have chosen for their mental health to travel & be with family. Taking every single precaution the health officials & destination governments put in place.

Or perhaps they are traveling with their small children who have been home-schooled for nearly a year & the kids desperately need some outdoor stimulation. PS: Domestic & national park travel is still trending, more on that in a later podcast.

For whatever the reason, this topic is unfortunately trending so we decided to dedicate a podcast episode to it & spill the tea. What’s making it so popular? And how we can prevent miscommunication?

Interested? Head over to our Podcast page on our website & sip the tea with us!


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