Have vaccine, willing to travel – Podcast Episode 1

Or are you? Recent trade articles have indicated that while it wouldn’t be a requirement to have a COVID vaccination upon entry to the USA, other countries around the world might start implementing “proof of vaccination” for USA travelers.

United Nations health agency in October 2020 started a pilot project for a digital vaccine certificate – a “smart yellow card” – for eventual use in interoperable healthcare data tracking and to strengthen the WHO-backed COVAX initiative to boost vaccinations in developing countries.

The reality of vaccinations is growing, since Britain approved a COVID-19 shot from Pfizer and Germany’s BioNTech, while other companies Moderna and AstraZeneca have delivered positive trial data amid their push for approval.

While this doesn’t mean that countries will eventually require you to show proof with your passport, if enough people do not take the vaccine to cause herd immunity, this might be a possibility as we look into travel down the road.

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